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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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another fire brigade out this morning and the pasteur district. is the fourth and two days. a live report coming up. >> and video systems thought to be fixed, broke down again this week. it will tell you what happened coming up. >> check out your afternoon highs. we could see 72 degree it meeting. we're starting with a warm-up it will continue into the weekend. >> trekking across town freeways here in san francisco, no slowdowns. check out your bay area bridges for friday morning commute. straight ahead. mark? >> we're following the latest of egypt. the latest gathering here, tens of thousands of people gathered
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in downtown cairo and alexandria. also run the other country's throat the world. right now the administration, the obama administration, sorry. they're talking about the immediate resignation of the present possibly. how likely that is, nobody knows right now. the protesters there, you can see them there. they have brought supplies of water and food. they are attempting to stage protests until he is driven from office. they want to declare victory after these week and a half long demonstrations. intelligence agencies in the u.s. are drawing criticism that they failed to warn of revolts in egypt. the downfall of american allies as well. the ongoing crisis is costing each of $310 million a day. they were revising a forecast of the
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economic growth to 3.7% growth. most factories have been shut down as well. tours are also fleeting the country. >> 6:02 a.m.. there is of vital store it--story and the castro district. four fires in two days. will tran is at the scene. what happened? then i will surely worth the fire took place. it is at the front doorsteps of your week that barbershop. look at all of the charred debris in the front. fortunately the tendon in th--side poured water on it before it could spread. no injuries. i want to pause monte that the fire investigators, no doubt about it is calling it suspicious. is the fourth fire in two days. four
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fires at approximately at it same time in the same vicinity about one-quarter mile from each other. here is video of yesterday's fire which broke out a run for 30 8:00 a.m.. --for 30 8:00 a.m.. 4:38 am. it spread to the next-door neighbors. they are staying at the red cross. it did not take investigators long to figure out that that fire and the two other alarm fires that were destroyed on the road at the 16th of hartford's 17th in hartford that most likely it was arson. the fire here happened on that front doorstep. the same person best interests of their so she does not share any notes here she knows what she is doing. also, at the same time they have alerted police officers who are on normal patrol to keep their eyes open. they see anything, contact not only the fire department but
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contact the investigators immediately. as far as how the fires started they do not know yet. i concede that these troopers on the road scattered all over the place. they do not know if that was the cause. they took the debate from plastic screen doors and anything that might have started the fire to a lab and they just took off at about 10 minutes ago daria. >> i asked about the police presence. under the accord to do? they will be patrolling to see what is light on. >> this morning, early morning fire in san jose. forced hundreds of people to evacuate the housing complex. kron4 news craig has the latest. >> were the 200 homeless wert ousted from their beds. early morning fire in the lunchroom. fire officials started around 2:00 a.m..
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then let the smoke was where they were sleeping. then on and make sure everyone gets out. their roster >> they were led to let in to the building after everything was investigated. >> mayor jean quan says the problem was fixed at the oakland police radio station broke down twice between wednesday and yesterday morning. wednesday problems lasted for 20 minutes. happened during a covert operation as the police were assisting state narcotic investigations in east oakland. they're able to communicate with each other directly. yesterday morning they were researching for
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burglary suspects. day or learning a hand signals because they were not able to communicate with each other through this batch. they have problems of the radius last month. the mayor said it was fixed. obviously, they're still trying to figure out the problem. >> the police chief is deciding whether he will or will not be the police chief. it is the fifth two months since he has been here. he recently applied to be san jose's police chief and did not get the position. he was brought to oakland with the promise of awful police force --at full police force. >> it is 606 a m. we're looking for warm weather. >> nice work as, a shot of albany. fog into the north bay. it will be a pleasant
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afternoon. temperatures today are expected to warm up even more than they did yesterday appeared we will continue with the warming trend as we have read into the weekend. we will start with the heat wave. publishers are expected to get one. 70 degrees today. when it up by saturday. by sunday it = 76 degrees. closed will state in 60s. reaching mid-60's of the weekend. overall, nice forecasts. chilly temperatures = santa rosa. few degrees above freezing. 37 = clever one. fremont = 46. by afternoon we will seek meetings throughout santa rosa and a bottle. as we take you through the east bay temperatures through mid '60s, if you're heading up
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to the sierra great conditions out there as well. it 50 degrees and afternoon high. a lot of sun shines and may add up to 59 degrees. seven day around the bay showing warm sunshine in store. we are continuing to keep a nice long stretches of dry weather. warm weather, around and above. temperatures continue into next week. gary? >> thank-you. it is 608. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. crossing the wires we're falling unemployment numbers. -- following. i dropped from 9.4% to 9%. below is number. it only generated a few
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jobs, fewest in this year than other years. the reason that the unemployment numbers are falling is because of the labor department has told survey determined half a million people had conflicting reports. there was 49,000 jobs added in the manufacturing district. for the fourth consecutive days bay posted gains, the central bank will stick to its efforts to cool the economy down. teachers went positive again today despite the jobless report. bryson also announced that they sold out of their pre order diaphones after they went on sale. they are no longer offering pre orders. fries in the customers will need to wait until they're on shelves. at mca now following an antitrust lawsuit against mattel, it is a dispute against a black dolls. the unfair business
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--brat dolls, in it encouraged them not to buy mca products. >> the husband of congresswomen difference is going to drive the next specia--space shuttle launch. it will be on april 19th. this is video of kelly in space. giffords were shot in the head. about one month ago during an attempted assassination. kelly has been by her side in a houston read publication facility and she is recovering. am i coming up right after the acquittal of the on how the nation is digging out after the major snowstorm that hit 30 states. more snow in the deep south right now. coming up 1/6 for the 5:00 a.m. with gas prices will over 39¢ a gallon. how fast will
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he try and get your car in? --will you try to get your car in? plus, it is super bowl weekend ended is about the commercials. dueled previous that's coming up.
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how >> we are watching the latest of egypt right now with protesters demanding that president mumbariq resigned. there has been a week and half of protests and it and that more than 100 have been killed and thousands of been injured. >> they are checking id's and performing body searches to sanction the protest. the community is condemning attacks on reporters. 24 it journalist have been can paint. --contained. --
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detained. one of the journalists is from the washington post. >> we are falling but whether it still in the northeast. they're cleaning up the mass of the bill so that they got. this is video coming up to us from dallas tx. north texas is still under a winter storm warning. 6 in. of new snow is expected to pile up. this storm is heading in time for the big super bowl this weekend. all of this snow and ice is making it tough for the steelers, the packers and the fans to get around the city. not to mention, the teams are practicing, they have indoor practice. the roof is on the dome and they're ready for the game. check out this school. one section of the roof gave way. it looks like us in cold. doesn't it? the sinkhole of snow. it
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collapsed the roof in one spot. the aerial shot is point to continue and you looked down into the school. they're talking about, so much know that when you pile and make way on the roadways are, where will they put it all? the day down but in the streams and the river is? it could cause more problems because there is no in the it--there's salt in the snow and motor oil. call that affect the lakes? >> live looks here from the bay and from our brief can. at least a high ridge with a four month period >> (no audio) >> we're sorry to have to wait for a microphone to turn on. but we are starting to feel it. >> absolutely, the temperatures are born to be up eight degrees in seven rows up. at 6 degrees now
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but. up seven degrees oakland. up three degrees sfo. up five degrees monday. up for degrees san jose. now talking about the temperatures. no surprise for the it no. they that it will be cold. 34 degrees = not but. --napa. upper highs for the day, duh birchers into the mid '60s through san rafael, san francisco. 65 degrees = oakland. 64 = san jose. 64 = fremont. a little bit of clearcutting happen to tahoe. as certain the good week to drive up, upper 50s. here's your seven day around the day showing a warm up. erica?
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>> thank-you les appeared a couple of accidents sprinkles through the area appeared we're not tracking any of them just yet. a live look to get west bound feet eat. your lights are cycle of so no week here. in san francisco at the san mateo bridge their art light conditions. not tracking any way at the toll plaza, 40 minutes between 880 and 101. toll bridge looks good. headlights are moving at top lights out of three county. south bay = no hot spots. taillights are formed at bit of a crown in the northbound direction but no back up just yet. for public transit, no problems. a.c., art and mimi running good. mark? them but there are usually always back hubs at
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the said is a one-to-one as there is construction working on the interchange. this is the google earth up. they are beginning today to provide ingestion relief. there reconfiguring the 101 interchange by replacing the zero were crossed at the one at 01 and adding an additional leg on the set and 101. that is hillary lane fro--- this agency kind of e is recommending delaying the environmental impact oreport until next year. one issue that needs to be examined is whether the trains would operate at reduced speeds in urban areas. the entire airline will be completed by 2017. but we'll be right back.
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>> is reporting this morning that some political news web sites are saying that austin at kelly is expected to go on the space mission that has just been confirmed that astronaut mark kelly it will be on the endeavor for its final flight. the official did not want used his name because it has not yet been announced publicly. kelly will have a news conference at the kennedy space center in the it, sorry it, the johnson space center in houston. we will give you more details. mark kelly is going to space. >> the santa rosa the 76 gas
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station is putting gas on sale for 39¢ a gallon. the incident happened and many drivers restaurant to cash in on the low price. the average price is 36¢ a gallon. a huge traffic jam spilled into the intersection. it is unclear how much gas was sold at the low price. >> gosh, i wish i'd have known. , 6:27 a.m.. no problems on the bay bridge. not the case yesterday. at a great spilled 50 ft. of sand into the two right lanes of the lower deck. reggie kumar is quentin shows the big mess. >> in san francisco drivers were stuck in traffic trying to get onto the bay bridge. built sand. some drivers were frustrated. others got stuck in interceptions which
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traded back ups. in san francisco reggie kumar for kron4 news. >> i'm just speaking at the approach for the toll bridge. it looks good. a report coming up and the forecast we are back.
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>> welcome back, the time that is 6:30 a.m.. protesters are demanding the egyptian president resign. tens of thousands are packed in the market square. there chanted, clapping their hand. i hope we do not see the violence that we have seen where 10 people have been killed and more than 1000 injured. the crowd today is >> is of their kids out there too. it is,. we are monitoring this situation. there are body searches and at the side of the military sanctioning the protests to date which is different on date 11. the international
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committee is also really coming out and stepping up. they are getting louder about condemning the attacks on reporters. 24 journalists have been detained. 21 journalists have been assaulted. there have been five cases where the equipment was taken away for a journalist. just in the last 24 hours. one of those detained was a course on it for the new york times and the washington post. the u.s. senate passed a resolution calling for president of egypt to transfer now. he has been the president of egypt since 1981. we will see what happens. there is increased pressure on the outside for him to step down. the pressure continues inside the country. i would to roll through some of these new photos that we have, still photos. you can see here that they are using water cannons here. trying to spray the protesters. the military has been involved at some point it was criticized for moving in on the protesters. now they're
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searching and it has become more orderly with the military helping. they are keeping the peace but said it on the sidelines pretty can see the protesters milling about. they are did more searches to make sure that things do not get violent. the want to make sure people do not get hurt today. we have seen and heard some of the signs. they're waving flags as well. there, you see the size of the crowds again today. it very large. here is an injured by on a bus. even if it is just the sheer krauts, people are being pushed over and being hit by falling objects. that has caused some injuries. my question mark >> for fires in the last day at the castro district. it will try this at the scene. >> it happened at 4:15 a.m..
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you can see behind on the front doorstep of the business called " your recut barbershop ". fortunately at the people inside noticed the fire and dusted it with water before it, it spread throughout to the entire complex birdies are victorian homes. you know how badly it could get. not all lot of space. the fire department said it action. not only to buyers in the same day but at the same time. here is another location for the fire on 16th and market. that fire broke out at around 4:40 a.m. yesterday. by the time it was put it they said 17 people were displaced. the other fire was right after the assault on video fire. that was a quarter mile away on 17th and harvard. both fires, they deem to be very suspicious in nature. they
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do not know the cause of that fire. sure enough, 24 hours later another fire. they're not calling it a fire but i can tell you that they have told the police department that when the patrol this area to keep their eyes open and if they happen to see a fire to call a fire department but also called the investigator, the arson investigator directly. for this fire here they set out the same fire investigator that way she does not have to share any notes. she left the scene at around 5:50 a.m.. they do not know the cause of the fire. it could've been started by newspapers. kentuck--i can tell you that she did scoop up debris. chemicals or newspapers played a role. at this point now they're not calling it related. it is something they are looking into. back to you mark. >> 6:34 a.m. and take you
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live look here at the golden gate bridge. everything is clear. moving at the speed limit. that is good news. we do not see fog. i have not seen fog and many of our live cameras have you? >> a couple miles a not too bad. clear conditions elsewhere. i cut some extent but as we head into the afternoon, temperatures are getting warmer. warming trend continues into the weekend. it really pleasant. a heat wave in fact. we will continue with the warming trend and it will warm up to 76 degrees keeping 70's into monday. around the bay we could reach about 70 degrees. by sunday in coastal temperatures will say to the 60s getting into mid to upper 60s by the weekend. temperatures are stepping up the degrees above freezing. 35 and at
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the pier 37 at livermore. 76 in nevada. 67 equals mac but, 67 = their appeal. the 60s to the east bay. seven day of around the bay. one into next week. temperatures in to look 70's, high 60s. time now is 6:36 a.m.. traffic report. >> thank-you. no hot spots. traffic mense ball. -- traffic moves well. the meter and lights are not causing at back up, same story at the san mateo bridge. it looks good. more
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traffic in the commute to direction towards foster city. drive times, no problem getting into the golden gate bridge. it looks good. very quiet. moving well into san francisco, the crosstown freeway is looking good where it meets the james lick. the 101 split has a drive time of under 50 minutes with this camera shot from the san francisco airport. looking good for public transportation. no problems with ec transit, bart or me. area? >> is 637 >> employees are pursuing a bank robber who the authorities on a chase and got away. this started at the bank of america and railroad avenue in livermore which was wrapped around 630 last night. of very clear surveillance picture of the robber. he is pointing a gun in various directions. look
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at this. this is the man that rob the bank yesterday afternoon and then he was seen headed on the 580 towards oakland. there was a chase. he got away. oakland technical high-school was lockdown will they're searching for the suspect. in addition to this out of their release a description that says he was white or red light stand hispanic male. 6 ft. tall. 180 lbs. approximately. >> we will be right back as kron4 news continues to be 11:00 a.m.. this is the roof can be as skies began to brighten, sun is coming up over the east bay hills on this day.
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the amount welcome back. watching wall street. doubt is positive. both are turning negative in the last few seconds right now. and and liberals coming out. the
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number dropped. pretty weak. 36,000 jobs created in the u.s. last month. >> congressional laws want to cut spending from president barack obama is sunless program. only 7 billion of the 814 billion recover money awarded has not already been spoken for. republican leaders acknowledged that they would be likely to identify as much as $5 billion and stainless, work-related spending cuts. it is part of a plan. >> element is it suing against tainted eggs. she claims that the rochester did not do all they could about to a ski in it appeared the lawsuit alleges good that the club card carrying --that it is expor.
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will be back and a few minutes.
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emma welcome back it is 6:26 a.m.. some of the top stories we're following. but egyptian president is being asked to resign. tens of thousands of protesters aren't heading and to the center. they have the military there keeping the peace now. soldiers are checking id's and performing a body searches to sanction the protests and keep things calm. it is much calmer today. egypt defense minister visited the square, even this morning. >> the housing complex in was because in a fire and it hadn't actuated many tenants. ignited in the of
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lunchroom on little orchard st. pierre because this building's sprinkler system it was quickly contained white firefighters street no injuries reported. >> mayor jean quandt reported that the dispatch radios have been corrected. . yesterday's went there looking for burglary suspects in the red is acting up again. >> get ready for it and nice warmup. one of eight degrees this afternoon. six degrees warmer in oakland but seven degrees. everywhere with temperatures
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above average depth of a little bit of fog into the north bay. their hold on to temperatures that are quite chilly in december said. a few degrees above freezing. 35 degrees in napa. 37 degrees in livermore. ted degrees were in san francisco. instead rosa is up by 10 degrees. we're open to the low 60s. 64 degrees and downtown san princess gault. san jose is 65 degrees as well. along the coast we'll keep the temperatures in 262 degrees. plenty of sunshine clearing into the afternoon with mild weather expected for your sunday and temperatures into the upper 50s. in terms of the bay area in a score to be very pleasant. warming into the mid-upper 70's. lots of sunshine that strides into next week.
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temperatures topping out the low 60s and 70's at some point during the weekend. >> traffic is light no major slowdowns. the bridge is looking good and the west bound 80 approach to the toll plaza at has its metering lights cycle off and it looks good. we are building in both directions across the span so it speeds are slowing down to 50 mi. per hour. no backups. who drive times are up to 50 minutes from and to end. traffic looks good, that of north bay. and no problems, no incidences', no accidents. when slowdown. not a hot spot. an earlier accident at alum rock. for
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car crash, currently sitting on the shoulder. it speeds are going as low as 20 mi. per hour. mark? >> following the news in australia, you can see the damage here with that queensland area. as been hit hard by flooding and over 4000 troops have been sent over to clean up. sugar cane crops and i got seat causing major damage with dozens of homes having their power cutoff. but that those boats. wow, they're pulled onto shore. officials are now reported one death. two people missing. >> 9 people have died in floods in the philippines this week. the military is on a trading mission in the southern philippines, lending out rubber boots to help the villagers escape the flood waters that have been debated that island and
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joke. heavy waves of damage still houses. they have been seeking a + it shelter in mosques. >> that county sba has increased an award for that conviction of damian fall the not of who injured it box. but the reward is $5,000 for it mol findingindado and distant figure puppies. heat faces several charges in relation to that. we will see what happens as the reward is out whether or not they can charge him with those offenses. six of the one man. oberth back in a couple of minutes. this is a lot from the roof in san francisco appeared before the summer is here you can see how high the clubs are, we're in for blue skies. will be a record
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>> good morning, the time
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as 60 4:00 a.m.. taking a look now the seven day around the bay. you can see how or just it is going to be. we want to mid-70s. 786 on sunday. you can have an outdoor barbecue ended joy the super bowl. the loan deal to get here, that is in the national room. it is getting tougher and tougher right now to get to texas. taking a live look here. we could use this note. here is a live shot from heavenly. the list is getting up and running. class here, tahoe as well. pretty warm sunny weather. >> 630 flights are now cancelled in dallas. southwest major hub close right now. we have 6 in. of
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snow expected in the dallas area today. a lot of trouble for people who spent a lot of money. >> i wonder if they will get there in time. we can watch from home. super bowl commercials everyone is watching, we have a sneak peek at one of this year's and doritos commercials. let us take a look. >> (music) ok, honey. close your mouth and all of your wishes will come true. but not all of your wishes? whoops, of all lot that has friends. >> of fireman's pole. that this one is for mama. >> fox is charging $3 million to see something like that for 30 seconds.
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them that their leaders can work on that one. ok, football fans with the administration were the 100,000 attendees are safe. surveillance cameras are covering every inch of the stadium. terry holders will go through airport training. officials say they spent more than two years planning the protection. all of the security will be about $10 million. >> 60 7:00 a.m. and let us take a live look at walnut creek. it is clear in the great and it looks like traffic is nice and polite.
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